How Can Smoke Damage Impact Your House – Is it Safe to Stay?

One of the more overwhelming events that can take effect on your property is a fire. Even though the flames themselves can be dreadful and create chaos in your home, the aftereffect of smoke can be harmful too. You won’t only need fire damage restorations, but it’s crucial that you get smoke removal services. Despite the size of the fire, the smoke can penetrate your house and find its way into your furniture, clothing and any open spaces such as your walls. Some other annoyances are the odors that stay from it and the soot that can damage your house and the things inside it even further. With our skills as a fire damage restoration business, Paul Davis knows how smoke can impact a home, and we know about the major ramifications that can come from it.

You may not think about it, but the lingering smoke can be dangerous to everyone in the home and cause health complications. If your home experiences a fire, it is unsafe to stay in your house, and it’s crucial to get a professional to come to your home for remediation. Our fire damage repair services will make sure the smoke and soot in your home is removed and that your home is in a secure, livable condition again.

Smoke Damage & What It Does to Your Health

Tar and carbon are some of the byproducts from smoke, and if these are breathed in over a period of time, they can damage your lungs. Carbon monoxide is another big problem to think about as well. It’s an extremely harmful gas that displaces oxygen in the blood when breathed in, which takes oxygen away from the brain, heart and other organs. After your home has been through a fire, a professional can come by and examine the carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Tar, carbon monoxide and other residue that are produced from smoke contamination can lead to some alarming health issues, these consist of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your lungs and sinuses could be affected negatively, making breathing difficult, if your home hasn’t had smoke contamination cleared of correctly. Even when your house is free from smoke, small particles from the flames and smoke could still remain in your furniture and carpets. If this is the situation, then you’re at risk of inhaling the residue which can proceed to medical attention down the road.
  • Skin Damage – Major skin irritation that can’t be remedied from lotion can be caused from soot and smoke residue, which could potentially require medical attention. Because smoke has the ability to get into clothing and furniture, there might be small particles lingering that harm the skin.
  • Eye Irritation – Your eyes are susceptible to smoke pollution, and when it stays in your house your eyes can get red, itchy and watery. It’s crucial to re-mediate the area of smoke contamination because if it is left alone, your eyes could suffer from it.

Fire Damage Repair and Smoke Damage Removal

Through our knowledge and experience in providing fire damage repair jobs, Paul Davis understands how critical it is to rid your house of smoke contamination. Don’t leave the issue alone because it is unsafe to live in a smoke damaged area. A local franchise near your area is is ready to assist. Contact us at (828) 687-7766.